Candidate Questionnaires

In addition to, or in place of, a candidates forum, another means of educating voters about candidates, is to send them a list of questions about key issues. Questioning all candidates during an election campaign is in compliance with the National PTA nonpartisan policy (Nonpartisan Policy).

Your PTA may wish to develop a list of questions to send to all candidates, and publish their responses in their entirety in unit, council and district PTA newsletters, adhering to school district policies for distribution.

Do not edit any of the responses. One may, however, request that responses be limited to a certain number of words, to ensure all responses are of similar length.

Questionnaires must be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested to all candidates; these receipts should be retained for one year after the election. Specific due dates must be set and included with the questionnaires. Any candidates not responding by the due date will not be included and should be so noted in the published materials.

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