Background Checks of Mobile Food Vendors

March 1999 – Reviewed and deemed relevant March 2012 – Community Concerns

The following guidelines have been developed to assist unit, council and district PTAs to ensure the safety of children who patronize mobile food vendors.

Research current and pending city and county ordinances related to background checks and issuance of permits and licenses required of mobile food vendors (i.e., trucks, coaches, bicycle carts, push carts…).

Determine whether your city or county has an ordinance regulating the distance mobile food vendors must keep from school sites, school bus stops, and posted regional bus stops per California Penal Code section 626(c)(2) subsections (a) and (b).

Advocate that current city, county and state agencies:

  • Prohibit the employment and/or licensing of vendors who have prior criminal records involving moral turpitude and/or illegal chemicals;
  • Prior to assignment require background checks that include fingerprinting;
  • Mandate that valid photo I.D. be worn visibly;
  • Law enforcement agencies have authority to enforce current and proposed ordinances.

Conduct community safety awareness meetings which include the ordinances and regulations regarding mobile food vendors.

Use PTA newsletters to inform the general membership about the issue.

Support legislation to amend the California State Penal Code related to background checks to include mobile food vendors as well as persons who have supervisory or disciplinary power over minors.

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