PTA Legislation Team

The legislation team includes the director of legislation and legislative advocates, who specialize in specific issues regarding education, family engagement, budget, community concerns, and health, as these affect children and youth, as well as a federal advocate. All members of the legislation team are PTA volunteers who serve on the California State PTA Board of Managers.

The director of legislation manages the California State PTA legislation program and works on bills that do not fit into one of the subject matter categories. These include matters such as taxation and budgetary reform.

The advocates work directly with state legislators and their staffs; with members of allied organizations; and with other interested parties on bills selected for PTA advocacy.

Commissions are responsible for preparing background information and authority for bills in their subject matter area and for recommending appropriate action. Advocates select bills that are sent to members of the legislation action committee for detailed study.

The legislation action committee meets several times each year during the legislative session to discuss the bills and subject matter commission recommendations and to determine positions to be taken on each of the selected bills. After the committee meets, a Legislation Action Report is prepared and distributed. Current status on legislation for which PTA has taken positions can be viewed in the Advocacy section of the California State PTA website (Current Legislation).

Once a position has been adopted, the legislation team is responsible for all further actions on the legislation. This includes relaying information on PTA positions to legislators and communicating PTA action on legislation-related matters to the constituent associations of California State PTA.

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