Study the Issues

Check to see if California State PTA already has taken a position regarding your concern or a closely related issue. The Legislation Platform, Resolutions and Position Statements of California State PTA provide the basis for advocacy on issues at all levels. For information on California State PTA positions, see

PTAs cannot advocate in the name of PTA without prior PTA authority.

If there is an adopted PTA position on an issue, that position can be used as authority to advocate in the name of PTA.

If there is no prior adopted PTA position on record, the next step is to conduct a study (How to Make a Study). Your council or district PTA can provide assistance.

Present the results of the study to your members. They may vote to accept the recommendations of the study and to forward them through channels (unit to council [if in council], council to district PTA) to California State PTA. Background information and recommendations will be reviewed at each level before a vote is taken to forward the study to the next level. The unit, council and district PTA should report to each other on any action taken.

When the study and recommendations reach the California State PTA Board of Managers, they will be referred to the commission or committee responsible for the subject matter. This commission or committee may choose to prepare a position statement or resolution to present to the California State PTA Board of Managers for final action. Any action taken by California State PTA will be reported to the local unit, council or district PTA.

The California State PTA Board of Managers may also decide to return the study to the originator to take action on the study and recommendations. If this is the case, the local unit, council or district PTA may decide to prepare and submit a resolution on this issue for consideration by delegates to the annual meeting in accordance with the procedure and timeline described in the Resolution Process.

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