Comprehensive Community Schools with Inegrated Services (Community Schools)

Adopted February 2016 – Education Commission

California State PTA recognizes that many factors affect a student’s ability to learn. California State PTA further believes that a school operating according to the community school concept with emphasis on the whole child affords an excellent learning environment for children.

Community schools are defined as schools that partner with non-profits and government agencies to provide services at the school site for health, safety, behavior and social services for children, parents and community members. California State PTA believes that community schools should be run by a knowledgeable coordinator and include a shared decision making process.

Types of services include:

  • medical and dental care
  • mental health care
  • enrichment activities and tutoring
  • truancy programs
  • multiple pathways to graduation and alternatives to high school completion.
  • parent programs such as English as a second language, parenting, adult literacy, computer literacy, and financial literacy
  • job training and career counseling for adults and youth
  • programs that support the needs of our most vulnerable populations

California State PTA believes that providing these services at the community school site will strengthen the community, increase family engagement, make the most effective use of services, and result in improved educational outcomes for children.

* “Community Schools” as referenced in this position statement are comprehensive community schools with integrated services and should be distinguished from community day schools as described in Education Code 486660-48926.

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