Education of English Language Learners

Adopted November 1985 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2021 – Education Commission

California State PTA believes English language learners must be provided an education that will allow them the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to realize their full potential.

California State PTA further believes:

  • The primary purpose of any language acquisition program for limited- and non-English speaking students should be to make a successful transition into English so they may progress well in the regular education program;
  • The accurate assessment of each student’s English and native language and academic skills is necessary to ensure placement in the program that best meets the educational needs of that student;
  • English Language Learners should be served by appropriately credentialed staff;
  • Appropriate staff development opportunities, including a multicultural component, should be provided locally to assist teachers who instruct limited- and non-English speaking students;
  • Local school districts must develop policies for and methods of achieving the above goals, and allocate adequate resources to assure that students can achieve proficiency, and advocate for additional state and federal funds if those resources are inadequate;
  • Local school districts should evaluate their language acquisition programs and reclassification procedures and rates regularly. The findings should be reported to parents and the community;
  • Parents have the right and the responsibility to participate in all decisions regarding the placement of their children in any program and must have recourse to an appeals process; and
  • Adequate, objective and language-appropriate information should be available to parents so they can make informed decisions and be effective partners in their children’s education.

† See related position statements: Funding of Mandated Programs: Effect on Public Education.

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