Education: Opposing Vouchers, Tuition Tax Credits and Deductions as Systems of Education Aid

Adopted November 1991 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2021 – Education Commission

California State PTA opposes any education voucher proposal that would divert public funds to private schools. California State PTA also opposes tuition tax credits and deductions for elementary and secondary school tuition and other education-related expenses. These funding methods would have a detrimental effect on our public school system.

California State PTA recognizes that changes must be made within the public schools to provide an equitable and excellent educational opportunity for every child. However, vouchers, tax credits, deductions and other diversions of public funds do not provide the means for bringing about improvements in our public schools.

California State PTA supports our system of public education as the major vehicle for preparing children for the future perpetuating the basic values of a democratic system of government. This system must be strengthened, must continue to be accountable to the public and must be supported by adequate public funds.

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