Education: Support of Public Education

Adopted October 1991 – Revised April 2015 – Reviewed and Deemed Relevant November 2020 – Education Commission

PTA supports and encourages excellence in public education and has since its founding in 1897. California State PTA believes that public education provides a common experience for building and maintaining a commitment to the basic values of a democratic system of government. A strong public education system is vital to California’s well-being in a global society.

California State PTA believes that three key components to excellence in our public system of education are parental and community involvement, competent and caring educators, and adequate funding.

California State PTA supports strong family engagement programs in all public schools. Research shows the more involved parents and community members become in working with and supporting their schools, the higher the quality of education and the greater the opportunity for student success.

California State PTA believes that educational opportunities for students are dependent on the quality of instructional programs and personnel. California State PTA supports professional excellence of teachers and administrators in their preparation, recruitment, professional development and retention.

California State PTA recognized that excellence in education will cost money. All levels of government, local, state and federal, must share in providing adequate funding for our schools.

In order to strengthen our public schools and provide every student with an equitable and excellent education, California State PTA believes that parents, students, and educators have rights and responsibilities that must be preserved and exercised. These groups must work together to ensure that:

  • The community sustains a viable public school system;
  • Parents have the opportunity for involvement in their children’s school;
  • Appropriate transportation is provided for students to ensure equity;
  • Specialized schools provide for a fair selection process; and
  • Adequate, objective and language-appropriate information must be made available to parents so they can make informed decisions and be effective partners in their children’s education.

Strengthening the public schools requires that all Californians work together and provide support for our public school system. The priority of California must be children and public education.

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