Energy Conservation

Adopted May 1981 – Reviewed and deemed relevant January 2011 – Community Concerns Commission

California State PTA recognizes that present conditions necessitate the development of alternative sources, conservation, and the setting of priorities for uses of energy. Decisions regarding the type and location of alternative energy sources have environmental, social, political, and economic consequences in communities. In the search for and development of energy alternatives, environmental factors must be balanced with energy needs to ensure present and future generations their right to live in a safe and healthy community.

California State PTA believes:

  • Alternative sources of energy should be encouraged. PTAs at all levels should promote public awareness programs to keep their members and the community informed about current technological advances and proposed sites for energy generating facilities;
  • The PTA should work with other community groups in developing the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to participate intelligently in the solution of short- and long-term energy problems;
  • Each school should be urged to set an example of energy awareness, conservation and management;
  • The PTA should encourage participation in communitywide public awareness education regarding the benefits of recycling; and
  • Schools should be encouraged to implement the Education Code provisions concerning environmental instruction designed to teach students to value and conserve natural resources.
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