Firearms and Assault Weapons

Adopted July 1990 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2016 – Community Concerns Commission

California State PTA has a long history and proud tradition of supporting legislation and programs for the safety and protection of children, youth, and families. California State PTA supports state and federal legislation and restrictions that would:

  • Require a firearm licensure procedure that includes a waiting period and background check to screen out illegal firearm purchasers such as convicted felons and drug-related offenders;
  • Require a firearm licensing procedure that includes proof of passing a state-certified course in appropriate firearms use and safe handling practice;
  • Require safety devices, including childproof trigger locks, on all firearms offered for sale, delivery or transfer;
  • Prohibit sale and possession of assault weapons for non-military/non-law enforcement use and require a registration process for those persons who now legally own such firearms;
  • Prohibit for non-military/non-law enforcement purposes, the manufacture, importation, possession, sale or resale of accessories and ammunition designed for assault weapons;
  • Ban the manufacture, sale or possession of “junk guns”/Saturday night specials;
  • Ban armor-piercing ammunition;
  • Control the illegal possession of firearms and other lethal weapons on school campuses.

California State PTA further supports:

  • Education programs that stress the importance of firearm safety and awareness, including the risks of unsecured firearms in the home, and the use and availability of firearm safety devices, including trigger locks;
  • Education programs to inform parents and community members about the harm and injury handgun violence inflicts on children and youth;
  • Public awareness campaigns regarding the importance of legislation for the safety and protection of the public, especially children and youth;
  • Efforts to seek and support legislation on the safety and protection of the public, including children and youth.
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