Health Care Access for Children, Youth, Pregnant Women, and Their Families

Adopted March 1992 – Reviewed and deemed relevant February 2014 – Health Commission

California State PTA understands the importance of good health to a child’s quality of life and believes that:

  • A child’s health and well-being begin prior to birth;
  • Appropriate, timely health care is necessary for each child to have the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential, both physically and mentally; and
  • Children, youth, pregnant women and their families are entitled to appropriate, confidential, and timely health care.

California State PTA recognizes that:

  • A child’s ability to learn is directly related to his or her state of health and that inadequate health care can be a barrier to education;
  • Basic preventive health care can prevent permanent disability or lengthy remediation, and is a cost-effective use of health care dollars; and
  • Current statistics indicate that many children and families in the United States have no health insurance, either public or private.

California State PTA supports efforts to provide equal access to quality, affordable basic preventive health care for all children, youth, pregnant women, and their families.

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