Instructional Materials

Adopted May 1972 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2020 – Education Commission

California State PTA believes instructional materials are fundamental to the educational program provided for California’s youth. All students must have access to high-quality, standards-based “instructional materials” that complement curriculum implementation. The California Education Code Section 60010(h) defines instructional materials as “all materials that are designed for use by pupils and their teachers as a learning resource and help students acquire facts, skills, or opinions or develop cognitive processes. Instructional materials may be printed or nonprinted, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational materials, and tests.” This includes Web-based and electronic textbooks.

California State PTA believes

  • Students must be provided with a broad selection of instructional materials in each subject area that are based on local school district curriculum and student needs;
  • All materials provided should be in usable condition, in sufficient quantities, available at the beginning of each course of study, and at no cost to students or teachers;
  • The governing body of the local school district is legally responsible for the selection of instructional materials;
  • Local school districts must have adequate annual resources to meet the costs of textbooks and other instructional materials for California students;
  • Local boards of education should adopt policies that encourage the participation of parents/guardians, teachers and members of the community on committees formed for the review and selection of instructional materials;
  • Local boards of education should establish a policy to address challenges to instructional materials including the establishment of a broad-based diverse community advisory committee to review challenged materials; and
  • State Board of Education approval or adoption of K-8 instructional materials must follow a schedule that allows local school districts adequate time to make choices of adopted or approved materials, have reviews by the public, and have timely distribution of materials to schools.
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