Minor Consent for Health Care

Adopted January 2011 – Reviewed and deemed relevant January 2016 – Health Commission

California State PTA believes that providing for the physical and mental well-being of the family unit is important to quality of life. California State PTA further believes that everyone is entitled to appropriate, confidential, and timely health care and has the right to make decisions regarding treatment based on medical advice and in accordance with personal beliefs.

California State PTA believes that it is usually in the best interest of children and their families for parents to be involved in the health care decisions of their adolescent children. California PTA also believes, however, that under certain circumstances, adolescents must be allowed to consent for their own health care in order to protect public health and/or the health and welfare of the minor. California State PTA supports exceptions provided by state statutes that allow minors to consent for their own care.

† Examples of exceptions include: CA Health & Safety Code §§ 121020, 123110(a); CA Family Code §§ 6922-6929, CA Health & Safety Code §§ 123450

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