Nutrition Education

Adopted May 1974 – Reviewed and deemed relevant April 2015 – Health Commission

California State PTA recognizes that adequate nutrition is a key component necessary for the optimum physical, behavioral, and intellectual development of each individual. Healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle increase resistance to communicable disease and reduce the risk of chronic disease, developmental disabilities, eating disorders, and infant mortality. California State PTA therefore believes all individuals should have access to information regarding adequate nutrition.

Nutrition education is critical to the school curriculum as noted by the increasing problem of obesity in our children. California State PTA believes it is important to promote healthy lifestyles and positive changes in attitude for future generations.

It is important that children be taught the relationship between good nutrition and good personal health so that they learn to choose foods that foster a lifetime of healthful eating habits. It is equally important that parents and children have access to the most up-to-date, scientifically-based nutrition information available.

California State PTA believes that students, staff, parents, and the community can benefit from an understanding of the importance of good nutrition education by encouraging and supporting:

  • Teacher training on comprehensive nutrition education;
  • Comprehensive nutrition education curriculum that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make wise food choices throughout their lives;
  • Programs that provide nutrition education for parents and the community;
  • The recommended daily nutritional guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA);
  • School districts to make maximum use of state and federal funds available for food service programs so that all children may have access to nutritious meals; and
  • Collaborative efforts to support nutrition education.
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