Physical Education (K-12)

Adopted May 1993 – Revised February 2014 – Health Commission

California State PTA believes a quality physical education program that operates cooperatively within the school’s comprehensive health program is essential to the well-being of the youth of California.

California State PTA supports actions by state and local governments and local educational agencies that provide for high-quality daily physical education programs for all children in kindergarten through grade 12.

Parents and teachers should educate children and youth to prepare them to participate throughout life in appropriate physical activities.

PTA believes that:

  • Good health is basic to education and physical education is basic to good health;
  • A certified teacher, trained and educated in physical education, should be the educator at all school sites;
  • The goal of physical education should be to promote lifelong fitness habits in all students; and
  • All students must be treated equally in an integrated physical education class, as required by state law.

California State PTA believes a good physical education program promotes self-discipline by teaching children to take control of their lives and to be responsible for their own health and fitness.

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