Reduced Class Size in Grades K-3

Adopted July 1996 – Revised January 2013 – Education Commission

California State PTA recognizes the importance of successful academic and personal development of children in the primary grades. California State PTA believes there must be no more than twenty children and a qualified certificated teacher in each kindergarten through 3rd grade classroom throughout all California public schools but that school districts need flexibility in staffing for this reduced class size. This flexibility should allow a school district to increase class size up to two per class as long as the class size average within a school remains 20 or less.

California State PTA further believes that to optimize the benefits of a twenty student maximum per certificated teacher there must be

  • A separate physical area to accommodate each group of twenty children and the assigned certificated teacher;
  • Flexibility in class structure that may include combination classes (K-1, 1-2, etc.) yet always considering the academic and developmental needs of each student when making placements;
  • Assignment of teachers who are well trained in teaching techniques required to teach the early childhood/ primary grade levels and professional development on best practices for small group instruction;
  • A firm funding commitment to make reduced class size an ongoing priority.

California State PTA recognizes the financial obligation that reducing class size places on taxpayers of the state of California. California State PTA strongly believes the people of California understand the importance of investing in children and public education, and therefore will be willing to undertake this obligation. California State PTA further believes that K-3 class size reduction programs should be fully funded by the state.

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