Responsibility of Society to the Family

Adopted March 1978 – Revised November 2013 – Family Engagement Commission

California State PTA believes that the family:

  • Is the basic unit of society
  • Primarily responsible for rearing children and providing for their well-being
  • Should have access to family support services and programs that respect and reinforce the autonomy of the family

California State PTA recognizes:

  • Diversity in family size, structure and beliefs
  • Socio-economic factors may hinder parents/families from fulfilling the needs of their children
  • It may be necessary for governmental agencies, private agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide parent education and support services to help reinforce parents’/families’ key role and responsibility in a child’s development
  • It may be necessary, in some instances for the welfare of the child, to remove a child from the home environment after evaluation and due process

California State PTA believes that effective, family support services should be designed to:

  • Engage parents families in the planning and evaluation of programs and services
  • Meet families’ diverse needs
  • Encourage voluntary participation by being varied and flexible
  • Reach and be available to all families
  • Include such programs as services to children with special needs, family counseling, education for parenthood, parent education, community health services and quality child care that reflect and respect the uniqueness of each community

California State PTA should encourage:

  • Adoption by school sites and districts of comprehensive policies and strategies to achieve the maximum inclusion of all parents/ families
  • Passage of legislation on national, state, and local levels to enable communities to provide services that will assist families in fulfilling their responsibilities to their children
  • Cooperation, collaboration and partnership with allied agencies and organizations that provide programs to strengthen the family unit
  • Implementation of school programs and employer incentives that ensure that the needs of working parents are always considered
  • Awareness of the Family School Partnership Act of 1995 (Labor Code Section 230.8) and the Parent’s Rights as outlined in chapter 864, statutes of 1998, Education Code Section 51100-51102
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