School-Based/Linked Health Centers

Adopted April 1987 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2014 – Health Commission

California State PTA supports the concept of school-based/linked health centers, believing all children and youth are entitled to physical and mental health care. PTA believes that the right of the individual to have access to health care is vital to sound health practices. PTA recognizes that adolescents, as a group, are the most under served population in terms of health care. School-based/linked health centers give young people access they might not otherwise have to health care. Such health centers should reflect a commitment to address those health problems that limit a student’s ability to learn.

PTA believes local community support is the key to the success of any center. Parent and student involvement should be a major part of the planning for any school-based/linked health center. PTA further believes that any policy regarding school-based/linked health centers should be developed and monitored by an advisory board, including broad-based parent and student involvement.

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