State Tax Reform

Adopted January 1970 – Reviewed and deemed relevant April 2015 – Revised May 2020 – Legislation Action Committee

California State PTA recognizes that to make wise decisions on state tax matters all citizens need to understand the overall tax structure, and how state revenues are generated and expended.

California State PTA believes that the total tax structure should be strong and broadly based; that generation of revenues and distribution of the tax burden should be fair and equitable; and that providing adequately for the needs of children and youth should be a funding priority.

California State PTA believes that tax policies should include concepts that:

  • Establish and adhere to fiscal responsibility and accountability in government, including
    • Efficient methods of collection, administration and disbursement of tax revenues;
    • Periodic formal reviews of expenditures and revenues; and
    • Maximum local control of expenditures for local services when that serves the best interests of children and youth;
  • Provide annually sufficient revenues to fund necessary and desired governmental services, including, but not limited to
    • Allocations from the State General Fund for the public schools in amounts required to provide quality education programs;
    • Allocations in addition to public education sufficient to meet basic health and safety needs of children, youth and families, and
    • Full funding of mandated services;
  • Establish and maintain revenue sources, including new or increased taxes that are carefully planned and developed to ensure fairness and meet the needs of children and families.

California State PTA further believes that local control and responsibility for generating and expending funds for local services should be encouraged, and promoted through the democratic process based on a majority vote of the public on all issues.

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