Where We Stand: Position Statements

From time to time the California State PTA Board of Managers conducts studies of issues of general concern in light of the Purposes of the PTA and issues that affect the health, education and well-being of children and youth.

A study may result in formulation and adoption of a statement that establishes, clarifies or interprets a PTA position or belief. Position statements provide a basis for action on legislation and other California State PTA action.

Upon adoption, position statements, resolutions and general board positions are positions of California State PTA and remain in effect until they are amended, rescinded or retired.

No new statement, board resolution or general board position can be introduced that is in conflict with an existing position unless the respective corresponding position is first rescinded. The California State PTA Board of Managers may not amend or rescind a resolution and no board position may be in conflict with a resolution.

Statements are reviewed every five years to revise, review and deem relevant or to retire from current use. Statements that include quotes excerpted from state or federal law are reviewed annually. The dates under the title of each statement represent the date first adopted and the date of the latest revision/reaffirmation.

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