Youth Involvement

Adopted March 2005 – Revised October 2010 – Student Involvement Committee

California State PTA values the involvement of youth in accomplishing common goals and supporting California State PTA’s mission. California State PTA encourages youth to become advocates, community leaders and responsible adults. Further, it acknowledges the insights, perspective and voice youth provides.

California State PTA welcomes student participation on its Board of Managers and includes students on its commissions and committees. California State PTA believes that student contributions build stronger and healthier communities.

California State PTA encourages PTAs to support efforts to develop youth participation by

  • Soliciting input from youth about budgetary and policy proposals that affect them;
  • Linking youth involvement opportunities to existing local governmental, school, and state programs that promote voluntary civic and community service;
  • Encouraging legislative bodies at all levels of government to include local youth in their policymaking efforts;
  • Encouraging schools and community programs to provide meaningful opportunities for youth to participate in planning and implementation;
  • Instilling in youth a sense of civic responsibility, citizenship, and leadership through active participation.

The contributions of youth in working with adults will enhance programs that serve youth and will strengthen communities.

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