Financial Procedures for the Internet

When purchasing goods and material over the Internet, PTA members must take care when choosing the method of payment. Placing an Internet order constitutes entering into a contract and obligating the PTA. PTAs should only use online vendors who provide the option of billing the unit directly for the goods. Since PTA units are not allowed to have credit cards, individual members who choose to use their personal credit card should use extreme caution, as they may be held liable for any purchase not appropriately authorized.

These guidelines must be followed for any purchases over the Internet using vendor optional billing; (Where the vendor bills the PTA directly.)

  1.  The item(s) must be for the purpose of an approved activity, and/or the item(s) have been individually approved by the membership. Approval must be obtained prior to purchase.
  2. Before committing to the purchase, a copy of the order must be printed and attached to the Authorization to Purchase on the Internet form signed (authorized) by the president and one other executive board member. The shipping and handling costs and any taxes should be included on this form. If shipping and handling and taxes are not indicated, a note should explain their absence and to expect additional cost upon final confirmation of the order.
  3. Upon verification that the purchase has been properly authorized, the individual requesting the Internet purchase may then complete the Internet order. (By today’s standards most online vendors have the capability for users to shop over a period of time before committing to the purchase. This will allow for the printing of the order before the order is filled.)
  4. After the order has been committed to the vendor, a final copy of the order shall be given to the committee chairman and treasurer. This final copy should be compared to the original order submitted for accuracy, and should include any final shipping and handling and taxes for which the unit may be liable. All final documents shall be submitted to the treasurer for payment when the invoice arrives.
  5. NOTE: Individuals committing to Internet purchases may be held liable for any Internet purchases not appropriately authorized, or in excess of the budgeted amount.

These guidelines must be followed when making any purchase over the Internet when using a personal credit card:

  1. The item(s) must be for the purpose of an approved activity, or the items(s) have been individually approved by the membership.
  2. A Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement Form with receipt or credit card statement attached shall be submitted for processing.

This procedure is for reimbursement only. Unit and council PTA credit cards are NOT allowed for any reason.

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