Prepare deposit slips in duplicate or make a copy, with the original for the bank and the duplicate for the treasurer’s records. Follow the bank’s directions when recording the checks on the deposit slip. Some banks require listing the bank numbers for each check; some accept an adding machine tape or computer printout of the check amounts and totals.

Checks should be marked “For Deposit Only” with the PTA account number. A stamp with this information may be secured at the time the bank account is opened. Enter deposit amount in check register. Roll coins as directed by the bank. Attach a copy of the deposit slip to the Cash Verification Form.

Before depositing checks, make copies to accompany the deposit record and to assist with the collection of non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks. Remember that financial officers have a fiduciary responsibility to protect sensitive and confidential information. Copies of deposited checks should be shredded after the financial review has been completed.

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