Unbudgeted Expenditures

Members must approve all expenditures. If the board decides to spend monies on unbudgeted expenditures and then presents a bill for payment or ratification, the membership may choose not to pay the bill(s). If bills are not approved or ratified by the membership, the executive board is personally liable for any PTA funds owed. If payment for a bill not approved or ratified has been made from the PTA account, the executive board must repay the funds.

Spending funds on unbudgeted items between meetings of the association is limited by an amount specified in the bylaws.

Guidelines for the expenditure of unbudgeted funds are as follows:

  • Eight or more association meetings per year –up to $500.
  • Five to seven association meetings per year –up to $750.
  • Four or fewer association meetings per year –up to $1,000.

Consult the bylaws for the specific amount allowed. The payment of these bills must be ratified at the next association meeting and recorded in the association minutes.

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