Developing the Budget

The budget committee, which is appointed by the president (or president-elect if the budget is being developed for the new term in advance of taking office), has the responsibility for developing the annual budget. The treasurer (or treasurer-elect if the budget is being developed for the new term in advance of taking office) is designated as the committee chairman. The budget committee may include financial officers, the principal or other designated representative, the president (ex officio), and others. The committee cannot develop the budget until the board-elect has determined the goals and programs for the upcoming year. The executive board should have surveyed the school community before developing the goals and programs.

Once the goals and priorities are established, the committee should:

  • Know the goals the association is trying to achieve for the year and plan finances accordingly.
  • Invite board members to submit suggestions.
  • Review the program(s) proposed by the program committee, including detailed expense projections.
  • Review past budgets, income and expenditures.
  • Estimate probable income from all sources.
  • Balance probable income with probable expenses.
  • Determine the amount of carry-over funds to set aside to begin operations at the beginning of the subsequent PTA fiscal year, prior to the onset of fundraising activities.
  • Unallocated Reserve funds represent the amount remaining after making allocations for budgeted programs and activities and may be used to cover any unexpected or unplanned expenses in the current fiscal year.
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