Financial Secretary Duties

When there is no financial secretary, these duties may be assigned to the treasurer or another officer.

Give a receipt for all monies received for the association and remit at once to the treasurer or deposit immediately in a bank approved by the executive board. Give a copy of the deposit slip to the treasurer.

Keep an accurate record of all receipts and payment authorizations for the treasurer’s financial records.

Prepare all payment authorizations as approved by the executive board or the association (if required by the bylaws).

Prepare and present a Financial Secretary’s Report at association and executive board meetings and at other times when requested by the association. The report must include an accurate record of all receipts, deposits and authorizations for payment.

Report all funds deposited to the treasurer. These totals shall be included in the Annual Financial Report to the association.

Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the financial secretary by the president or treasurer.

Attend the California State PTA convention finance workshops.

Attend council or district PTA workshops and trainings, when scheduled.

For more information on Financial Secretary’s Duties, see the Job Descriptions Chapter of the Toolkit.

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