President Financial Duties

Sign all authorizations for payment and may sign checks as approved by the executive board or the association.

Remind officers of their financial duties as needed.

Contact the council (if in council) or district PTA if you need answers to any questions or whenever you need help and when procedures are not being followed.

Coordinate with the treasurer to get bank signature cards changed as needed.

Appoint a budget committee upon election of officers. The president should be a member of the budget committee.

Give financial officers all materials pertaining to financial procedures and due dates, as received from council (if in council), district, State and National PTAs.

Encourage officers to attend any workshops and/or conferences given by the council, district or California State PTA.

Have all contracts and/or legally binding documents approved by the executive board and the association before signing with another elected officer.

Notify treasurer of the amount of the insurance premium due.

Include financial due dates on the association calendar.

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