Accidents or Incidents

The Incident Report Form (Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide) must be completed for every incident and accident that occurs. If a very serious incident/accident is being reported, call the California State PTA insurance broker. The Incident Report Form must be completed by the PTA president. It is a confidential communication between the PTA and the California State PTA insurance broker, informing the broker of a potential problem. It is not a claim; it is merely notification of an incident. The Incident Report Form is not to be completed by the injured party. The PTA president may ask the party questions that will enable completion of the report.

It is important to have complete information but one must not give the impression that completion of an Incident Report Form means that the PTA is responsible and will take care of the injured party. The California State PTA broker will file the Incident Report Form with the insurance carrier who will investigate the incident and determine responsibility.

The PTA president should follow up with anyone injured at a PTA event to express concern for the individual and inquire about any injuries sustained. Never promise to compensate a victim for his/her injuries or accept fault. Many claims may be averted by demonstrating concern for the individual.


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