Signs of Good Financial Procedures

A financially healthy PTA

  • Ensures that only authorized check signers (as specified in the bylaws) are on the bank signature card. Removes previously authorized signers from the signature card whenever a resignation occurs or a new term begins.
  • Prepares and presents monthly treasurer reports, budget-to-actual comparative reports, financial secretary reports, committee reports and financial review t reports at board and association meetings.
  • Ensures budget is approved by association, funds are released and expenditures are authorized prior to spending funds.
  • Only pays bills which have been authorized by the executive board or association.
  • Has the bank statements and reconciliations reviewed and signed monthly by a non-check signer; may be the financial reviewer.
  • Conducts at least two financial reviews per year, in accordance with the bylaws. Financial reviews not conducted by a qualified accountant are reviewed by a financial review committee.
  • Files the appropriate IRS Form 990 annually and all state forms required by due date.
  • Conducts a membership campaign throughout the year and remits membership funds not belonging to the association monthly. No remittance is made for memberships received through the California State PTA E-membership program.
  • Remits California State PTA insurance premium before December 20th. Remits Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report Form and any additional premium no later than January 31st.
  • Ensures all monies are counted by two PTA members, one of whom must be an officer or chairman. Cash verification forms are signed by everyone who counts monies. A signed copy of the verification form is kept by each person who participates in the count.
  • Issues a receipt for donations (see Providing Documentation to Donors and Donation Receipt).
  • Ensures checks, bill payments/electronic funds transfer authorizations and transfers between bank accounts are signed by two authorized check signers.
  • Ensures officers receive training at convention, state, district, and/or council PTA workshops.
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