Computers, Technology and Other Major Purchases

Major purchases such as computers, copy machines, air conditioners, and/or audiovisual equipment, as well as books and classroom and playground equipment, must meet school district standards and may be required to be purchased through the school district. If possible, try to reach an agreement with the school district stating that the purchase remains at the school site to which it was originally donated and that the PTA can use the equipment for PTA purposes (See Fiduciary Agreements and Gifts to Schools).

Technology plays an important role in the future of education. PTAs will likely be asked to help supply technological equipment and materials to the schools. The following guidelines are for PTAs’ use when purchasing computers and/or other technological equipment:

All purchases should be made in consultation with the school district. PTAs should study the school district and school site computer plans before purchasing any technological equipment. In making equipment (or software) purchases, PTAs should determine how the equipment will be used to enhance the instructional program and make sure that:

  • There is a comprehensive school district plan for how equipment will be used in conjunction with school curriculum;
  • The equipment to be purchased falls within the school district’s overall plan;
  • The staff is trained to use the equipment, and there is an ongoing in-service training program to keep teachers current with technology opportunities; and
  • Adequate school district funds will be allocated for appropriate software purchases.

In order to fulfill PTA’s parent education responsibility, PTAs are encouraged to secure a commitment from the school principal and the school board that the computers donated may also be used by PTA for parent education programs, website development and PTA newsletters, etc., when not being used in conjunction with the regular school curriculum.

When a gift to the school is presented and accepted by the school board, it becomes the property of that district and can be moved or used in any school within the district.

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