PTA and Education Foundations

An education foundation is an organization that administers funds to finance projects benefiting educational purposes. PTA may collaborate with an educational foundation on a specific program or project but must ensure that the education foundation’s goals and objectives are consistent with those of PTA.

California State PTA believes all members of the public, through their taxes, are responsible for adequately financing public education.

PTAs often are asked to contribute funds to a local education foundation. When a foundation plans a project outside of a school district budget, a PTA can contribute funds. The PTA must have this item in its budget and approved by its membership. When the contribution is made to the foundation, the PTA also should send a letter saying these funds are to be used at the contributing school. Education foundation funds should not be funneled through a PTA treasury.

If the foundation is going to raise funds only for the project and pass them on to the school district, then the PTA should contribute directly to the school district. The item should be in the PTA’s budget, approved by its membership, and when presented to the school district, PTA should send a letter saying the funds are to be used at the contributing school.

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