Purpose of an Audit

An audit determines the accuracy of the books, detects inconsistencies or errors, provides recommendations for corrective action, protects the financial officers, verifies that funds were sent through channels as appropriate, and assures the membership that the association’s resources were managed in a businesslike manner within the regulations established for their use.

The person conducting the audit should always be impartial and not related by blood or marriage nor reside in the same household as the president or other financial officers or any chairmen handling funds.

The auditor is often a member of the budget, programs, or fundraising committees, but is never authorized to sign the PTA’s checks.

The auditor may be an elected officer, appointed individual or committee, or a professional hired by the PTA in accordance with the procedures listed in the bylaws. The president, treasurer, financial secretary, secretary, or committee chairmen handling funds may not audit the finances.

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