Auditor’s Report

A written Auditor’s Report must be presented semiannually to the executive board and association after the books and financial records of the association have been audited. An Audit Checklist and separate Audit Report page is required for each account. A report detailing findings and recommendations makes up the third component of an audit. If all is in order, the auditor or audit committee prepares a report, and the auditor or each member of the committee signs it.

A report must also be submitted by the auditor or audit committee in the event that there are not adequate records available to conduct a proper accounting of the association funds. The audit report must be officially adopted by the association and forwarded through channels to the next level of PTA (Audit Report).

If the audit is not conducted by a qualified accountant, an audit review committee must review the audit and sign the audit report prior to the audit report being presented to the executive board and association. A qualified auditor is defined as someone who has been trained/licensed to conduct audits and/or review accounting records, such as a Public Accountant or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). They do not need to be currently employed in the field.

See Audit Report form and Audit Checklist.

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