Gross Receipts

Gross receipts are the total amount of income received from all sources during the annual accounting period before subtracting any costs or expenses, not including funds not belonging to the unit (Funds Not Belonging to the Unit).

The receipts of three immediate preceding years (including the year for which the return would be filed) are averaged to determine which tax filing is required.

An organization’s gross receipts normally will not be more than $25,000 if it has existed for:

  • One year or less, and has received (or donors have pledged to give) gross receipts of $37,500 or less during the first reporting year (for this purpose, there is no requirement to annualize the gross receipts, even if the first year is less than 12 months);
  • More than one year, but less than three, and the average gross receipts received in the first two reporting years are $30,000 or less; or
  • At least three years, and the average gross receipts in the immediately preceding three years (including the year the return would be filed) are $25,000 or less.

Always keep a copy of the signed tax forms for unit records and note the date that the forms were mailed.

Always upload copies of all tax returns, the RRF-1, and the SI-100 (if required to file) to PTAEZ.

All federal tax forms may be downloaded from
State tax forms may be downloaded from
Form RRF-1 may be downloaded from
Go to to see copies of previously filed tax forms.

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