Job Description for Arts Education Chairman

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Research strongly supports the belief of California State PTA that it is important to promote and sustain academic and career success for all California public school students through increased and equitable access to a complete curriculum that includes high-quality arts education. To further this belief, the Arts Education Chair will:

  • Advocate for high-quality arts education for all California students;
  • Seek opportunities to share best practices; and
  • Raise awareness about the relevance of the arts in increasing academic achievement and building a vibrant, productive society.


  • Collaborate effectively with parents, teachers, administrators, and the community to build, support and sustain ongoing arts instruction for all children;
  • Understand the academic, social and career benefits of arts education;
  • Understand key components of a fully developed, standards-based arts program;
  • Understand how the arts can be integrated into and reinforce a rigorous curriculum;
  • Understand and articulate the goals and benefits of a comprehensive arts education;
  • Understand and promote the National PTA Reflections program within the association, school district, and community;
  • Engage teachers, site administrators, school district administrators and school boards, county leaders and community arts groups to achieve the goal of providing standards-based arts education for all students;
  • Promote media attention and build school district awareness of the importance of encouraging children to participate in the arts;
  • Strengthen the relationship between the cultural and performing arts community and the association.


  • Inform and educate the PTA membership, school community, and community at large about the importance of an integrated arts curriculum in the education of the whole child;
  • Promote and encourage participation in the National PTA Reflections program, in conjunction with its chairman/coordinator;
  • Connect with the SMARTS network and read and disseminate information provided in the SMARTS newsletter;
  • Collaborate with arts leaders in the county office of education, teachers and administrators to promote and provide PTA- and/or school sponsored cultural arts activities and assemblies for all students;
  • Seek partnerships with professional arts organizations in the community to better coordinate arts education, programs and cultural enrichment services for all students;
  • Provide a forum for the positive exchange of information about cultural and performing arts programming in the community;
  • Speak at unit, council, and district level meetings about the importance of arts education and advocacy;
  • Communicate with the council/district PTA counterpart;
  • Share information prepared and distributed by the council/district, California State PTA, and National PTA;
  • Attend council and district PTA trainings and California State PTA conventions;
  • Obtain training on leadership skills and working/communicating with parents and families of diverse backgrounds; and
  • Maintain a procedure book.


California State PTA website
California STATE PTA SMARTS website
SMARTS newsletter
PTA in California
National PTA Reflections Program
California State Board of Education Content Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts
Be a Leader for Arts Education (joint publication of California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) and California State PTA)



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