Job Description for Founders Day Chairman

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Key Role – Founders Day Chairman

  • Works with committee and other chairmen to organize PTA Founders Day event
  • Oversees and delegates volunteer recruitment for implementing and running event
  • Presents Founders Day budget for approval at the executive board meeting at start of the PTA year and monitor authorized budget
  • Reports on Founders Day plans and organization at board meetings

Getting Started

Preparation – Review the procedure book from last term for ideas on what worked well.

Schedule Meeting – Get together early in the year with the Founders Day committee to brainstorm ideas, set goals and propose activities together.  Include new and experienced volunteers on the committee for planning, preparation and work. Coordinate efforts with your historian, program chairman and hospitality chairman.

Celebrating Founders Day

To celebrate our legacy, success and power as a leading voice speaking for all children and raise awareness of PTA’s achievements:

  • Provide information on your PTA’s milestones, goals and successes
  • Showcase community service and publicly recognize volunteers, educators, school staff and community partners with Honorary Service Awards
  • Share the PTA legacy and story as the premier organization building strong family-school partnerships

What To Do

  • Draft an outline for your Founders Day event with suggested program ideas, date, venue and budget to present to the board and association for approval. Use the Event Planning Worksheet as a record and checklist of your committee’s timeline, preparations, expenses and work.
  • Consider what format – family potluck, town hall meeting, ice cream social or special luncheon – might work best for your event.
  • Blend in other program elements such as a student performance, speakers, Honorary Service Awards presentations, a freewill offering and membership drive for your Founders Day Event.
  • Widely publicize your event on campus – starting with a ‘Save the Date’ notice – using backpack express, newsletters, email blasts, websites and social media.
  • Build a guest list to invite past and present PTA leaders, HSA recipients plus school district and community members.
  • Book a venue or site in advance. Check that all permits including a facility use permit are filed, set-up arrangements are confirmed and access for the disabled is planned.
  • Recruit volunteers to help with invitations, publicity, handouts, presentations, signs, evaluations, decorations and hospitality.
  • Assign volunteers for set up, equipment checks, program coordination, photographs, reception, membership drive and cleanup for the day of the event.
  • After the event, send thank you notes, assess evaluations and remind treasurer to forward the Founders Day freewill offering to council/district PTA.
  • File a report in a procedure book with samples of invitations, publicity and handouts for your successor.

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