Job Description for Student Board Member

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Purposes of Student Representation

  • Students bring a new perspective to PTA/PTSA ideas and programs.
  • Viewpoints and ideas of students are essential because all PTA/PTSA programs focus on youth.
  • Students and adults obtain a better understanding and appreciation of one another by working side by side on goal-related projects.
  • Students gain leadership skills, such as goal-setting, decision-making, team building and conflict resolution while enhancing their own personal growth and development.
  • Students obtain community service opportunities for high school credit. Active PTA/PTSA involvement is an excellent addition to any college or job application.
  • Students are introduced to the legislative process and the importance of advocating for a cause through PTA’s involvement in legislative activities.
  • Student voices can be heard by elected representatives before the students reach voting age.
  • Students provide PTA/PTSA with information regarding student interests and concerns thereby enhancing relevance and effectiveness of PTA/PTSA programs.

Student Responsibilities

  • Become a full voting member of your PTA/PTSA upon payment of membership dues.
  • Become a member of your PTA/PTSA executive board (as an elected officer, chairman or in a committee position). California Corporations Code and civil laws allow students to serve in any PTA/PTSA office. All officers, adults and students alike, must perform duties of the office as outlined in the PTA/PTSA bylaws and the California State PTA Toolkit.
  • Attend all PTA/PTSA meetings.
  • Communicate with board members about your other important commitments such as family, schoolwork, household chores and part-time job.
  • Practice effective positive communication skills. Help create an atmosphere of mutual respect between students and adults in order to communicate the needs, desires and concerns of fellow students.
  • Interact with peers and other school organizations/clubs to plan programs and activities that will enhance the atmosphere on your campus and create a more positive learning environment for all.
  • Represent students and PTSA at school board and other civic meetings, wherever student input is needed or requested.
  • Show other potential student members how PTA/PTSA activities relate to special interests such as art, music, writing, conservation and legislation.
  • Stress the following basic benefits:

– Improving the school and community;
– Being with friends;
– Learning new life skills;
– Participating in a goal-oriented team; and
– Having a voice in issues that affect youth.

Suggested Activities

  • Plan an orientation for new students.
  • Sponsor a school-wide “spring clean-up day.”
  • Participate as a PTA/PTSA in a community service project, such as volunteering at a shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Participate as a PTA/PTSA in statewide, national and world observance days.
  • Become involved in legislative issues and activities.
  • Participate in the National PTA Reflections Program.
  • Participate in a celebration honoring all volunteers and their commitment to PTA/PTSA.
  • Accept nomination to the nominating committee.
  • Participate in planning next year’s activities.
  • Help choose the next year’s membership theme.
  • Schedule a college application entrance exam preparation night.
  • Apply for a California State PTA Graduating High School Senior Scholarship.
  • Apply for PTA Spotlight Award based on activities related to student involvement or student recruitment.
  • Be a delegate to the California State PTA convention.
  • Encourage student delegates to the California State PTA convention to attend the district PTA orientation.
  • Apply for a student board member position on the California State PTA Board of Managers (students between the ages of 16-21 are eligible).*

*Applications are available from the district PTA president or California State PTA office.

Additional Resources

National PTA website,
California PTA website,

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