Job Description for Volunteer

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Key Role – Volunteer

  • Assists with programs, events and activities organized by the PTA, school or classroom teacher to support student success
  • Works cooperatively as a reliable team member to complete volunteer assignments
  • Understands the ethical and legal responsibilities involved and maintains strict confidentiality regarding the privacy of student records, students and school personnel

Role of a Volunteer

School volunteers may be parents/guardians, community members, senior citizens or upper grade students whose participation supports a PTA or school program, activity or event.

How much time and commitment is involved depends on a volunteer’s availability. And, it can range from one time only assignments to monthly, weekly or daily volunteer activities to meet the goals, needs and priorities of a PTA or school to help ensure student success.

  • Assignments might involve activities such as:
  • Tutoring and mentoring students
  • Supervising lunchrooms and playgrounds
  • Assisting in a class, library or school office
  • Sharing a special skill or occupation to enrich classroom learning
  • Preparing materials or assisting with a PTA or school program, activity or event

Getting Started

  • Preparation – Find out more about what volunteer opportunities are offered on campus by checking PTA and school newsletters, websites and social media. Sign up for volunteer assignments that fit well with your interests, availability and skill sets.
  • Attend Training – Learn more about your role and school policies related to volunteers and parent involvement by attending a volunteer orientation meeting organized by the PTA Volunteer Coordinator at your school.

How Tos

  • Before a volunteer assignment – Add the day and time of your volunteer assignment to your calendar. If you are unable to participate as planned, remember to contact the organizer in good time so that another volunteer can be recruited.
    Plan to arrive early for your assignment so you can sign in at the school office before heading to the activity or event.
  • During a volunteer assignment – Take time to review what the volunteer job entails with the organizer and ask questions to clarify the assignment including who does what, how breaks are handled and what is expected. To ensure the success of larger events, be prepared to be flexible and assist where needed.
  • After a volunteer assignment – Provide feedback on the volunteer survey so that organizers can tweak the program, activity or event to make it even better. Attend the volunteer recognition event and sign up for other volunteer opportunities to stay connected at your school to support student success.

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