The Local Unit PTA

To remain in good standing, a unit must:

  • Adhere to the Purposes and basic policies of the National PTA and California State PTA;
  • Have a minimum of 15 members including three officers: president, secretary, and treasurer;
  • Remit per capita dues and pay insurance premiums by California State PTA due dates;
  • File all required state (199/199N) and federal (990N/990EZ/990) tax returns, other government forms, and the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts report (RRF-1);
  • Have Bylaws reviewed yearly and approved every five years according to the procedures of California State PTA (Bylaws for PTAs in California)
  • Meet other criteria as may be prescribed by the California State PTA

Chartering a New Unit

Any group may request to organize as a unit of California State PTA provided there is not an existing PTA unit in the school. California State PTA will recognize only one PTA in any school, unless otherwise approved by the California State PTA parliamentarian and authorized by the California State PTA Board of Managers.

An association must be composed of not less than 15 members, of whom at least three serve in the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer.

The 30-day membership requirement for voting privileges and holding office shall be waived for new organizations within the first thirty days of their charter.

The district PTA president is responsible for the organization of new PTAs within the district PTA. The organizing process may be delegated to the district PTA extension team, with the assistance of the council. Conformity to California State PTA requirements must be verified by the district president.

The new association will be presented for acceptance by the California State PTA Board of Managers when:

  • The application for acceptance in California State PTA has been received;
  • The per capita dues have been received in the state office;
  • The unit bylaws have been received in the state office and approved by the state parliamentarian; and
  • An Employer Identification Number application has been submitted to the IRS.

Upon acceptance by the California State PTA Board of Managers, the state office shall issue a charter to the new association.

A fee is charged for the replacement of a charter that has been lost or destroyed. Contact the state office to order a replacement charter.

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