Child Abuse Prevention

Revised October 2010 – Community Concerns

The number of reported child abuse cases (sexual, physical, and emotional) is continuing to rise. Society, through federal, state and local agencies, is ultimately responsible for any resulting foster care placement, institutional care, and medical and court costs. The public must be informed about the causes, prevention and reporting of child abuse. Efforts must be made to better coordinate child abuse prevention and intervention programs.

Role of the PTA

PTA’s primary concern is the protection of children who cannot protect themselves from abuse, neglect and exploitation. PTA supports programs that help the family stay together, when this is in the best interest of the child.

Recommended Actions

Sponsor parent education programs to address prevention and identification of child abuse, including how to report suspected cases.

Encourage school districts to provide students with education to help them identify and report abuse, and to empower them to report the abuse without retribution.

Encourage schools to include parenting skills in their curricula.

Encourage school districts to provide staff development workshops regarding the recognition and reporting of child abuse.

Inform parents/guardians about curriculum that teaches children to say “no,” and encourage its use in the school.

Advocate for adequate funding for child welfare services programs.

Additional Resources

California State PTA Position Statements: Assistance to Families in Need and Family Services (Where We Stand: Positions Statements). See “Child Abuse” and “Violence and Vandalism” in the Advocacy Topic Index for related resolutions or guidelines.

Attorney General’s Crime and Violence Prevention Center (http://safestate/org)

National PTA ( Kids Need a Future, Not a Funeral and Safeguarding Your Children.

Wooden, Kenneth. Child Lures, A Need for Prevention. Shelburne, Va. (

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Tips to Parents. Washington, D.C.

For free information and free videos, contact:

Office of Child Abuse Prevention
744 P Street, M.S.11-82, Sacramento, CA 95814; 916.651.6960; Fax 916.651.6328

Additional Agencies

California Department of Education (

California Department of Social Services Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) (

California Department of Social Services, Children and Family Services Division (

Child Abuse Coordinating Councils

County Departments of Public Health – Find a listing by county on the website California Department of Public Health,

County Departments of Social Services, Child Protective Services

County Offices of Education

Local law enforcement agencies (police/sheriff)

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