Areas for PTA Involvement

PTAs are encouraged to explore a range of local issue areas, as long as these concerns fall within the scope of PTA activities. PTAs should share their successful programs with their council, district PTA and California State PTA, so that other units with similar concerns may benefit from their successful experiences. Use these tools, tips, and suggestions as a starting point to seek solutions.

Identify solutions and actions that need to be taken.

Contact community agencies for additional information and assistance.

Make an action plan (Action Plans; Event Planning Worksheet).

Educate the community including parents, staff, elected officials, and the general public.

Points to Remember
Be familiar with the basic policies of the PTA (Basic Policies for All PTAs).

Review position statements and convention resolutions of California State PTA and the National PTA (Where We Stand Resolutions, Position Statements and National PTA Quick-Reference Guide).

Review California State PTA Legislation Policies and Legislation Platform.

Utilize existing resources and publications from California State PTA, National PTA, allied agencies, and government sources.

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