Family Engagement Nights

When PTAs offer programs, activities and events for families to actively participate in school life, it helps to improve student outcomes and school performance from preschool to high school.

Family Engagement Nights are a great way to reinforce these ties between home and school. By bringing families together on campus, they provide opportunities to create a more welcoming, accessible and inclusive school culture.

They are also an effective way to share information, activities and resources to:

  • Enhance student achievement
  • Highlight what students are doing in class
  • Support student learning at home
  • Boost school improvement to meet whole-school goals
  • Motivate students for long-term educational success

Whether it’s a Family Story Telling or Math Night at elementary school, Family Science Mystery or Art Night at middle school or a Family Fitness or Career Night at high school, Family Engagement Nights increase awareness of what students need to be successful.

They also help build a stronger community support system so that students can thrive in school and beyond.

Take Action: For more ideas and tips, visit the Family Engagement section of our website

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