Partnering With Teachers

Open communication between parents and teachers on what and how a student is doing in class is an important factor in growing student learning and achievement. Regular interaction between teachers and parents is also critical in creating a reliable support system for students.

By reaching out to parents for input and feedback, teachers gain a better understanding of students and their families. And, by communicating with teachers, parents gain more insight, information and updates on their child’s progress in school.

Parent – Teacher Conferences

One of the best ways for parents and teachers to strengthen the home-school partnership is a parent-teacher conference. It offers an opportunity to focus on how well a student is doing by sharing information, asking questions and devising ways to better support student learning.

  • BEFORE the Conference
    Take time to talk to your child about what he/she likes to do at school. Let the teacher know more about your child’s strengths and challenges and what he/she likes to do with free time.

    To ensure the success of the conference, prepare questions to ask the teacher about classroom activities, homework and your child’s academic and social progress.

  • AT the Conference
    Exchange views and information with the teacher about how well your child is doing in school and how he/she can do even better. Ask the questions on your list to learn more about your child’s achievements, development and growth.

    Finding out more about what specific steps you can take to better support student learning at home is also an important part of your conversation with the teacher

  • AFTER the Conference
    Share what you have learned at the conference with your child, emphasizing the positive feedback from his/her teacher. Put together an action plan with your child on how you will help with learning at home.

    As follow up, arrange to talk again with your child’s teacher in the next few months to assess your child’s ongoing progress in school.

Making the most of a parent-teacher conference lets parents, teachers and the school work together more effectively as a team to help students achieve their potential.

Take Action: Download tips and checklists for successful parent-teacher conferences on the Harvard Family Research Project website:

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