Your Voice Matters

As a parent, you may not realize how frequently you are an effective advocate for your child. Every time you stand up for your child or look for ways to improve his/her school experience, you are acting as an advocate by speaking up and affecting the decision-making process.

Working with others in your school community to identify and resolve an issue amplifies your voice as a parent. It helps ensure, too, that all students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities so that they can thrive in school and beyond.

To get started, work together to:

  • Research the issue and share the information with your school community
  • Raise questions for discussion at school or community meetings
  • Participate in the solution by proposing possible remedies for the problem
  • Provide updates on the status of the issue
  • Empower and train other parents in how to share their story as effective advocates

By developing a plan together with a strong message and effective strategies for communication and outreach, parents can make a difference as advocates to improve the education, health and wellbeing of all children.

Take Action: See how to develop and implement an action plan to study an issue on our website:

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