Continuing Education Scholarship for School Staff Members

(Established 1976 – Revised August 2020)

Scholarships are available annually from California State PTA for continuing education use, including summer study, from January 1 through December 31.

Application: The application is available online. Applications and reference forms with letters must be received by October 15.

Qualifications: Scholarships are awarded to credentialed teachers, counselors, school nurses and other staff members

  1. who were employed full time in the public schools in California during the preceding academic year;
  2. who have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in California public schools;
  3. who have a full-time contract for the current year;
  4. who plan to continue as a teacher, counselor, school nurse or staff member; and
  5. who are members of a PTA/PTSA unit in good standing, and teach or have a counseling, nursing or staff position at that PTA/PTSA

Selection: Recipients are selected by the California State PTA Scholarships and Grants Committee and approved by California State PTA. A check for the scholarship is sent to the recipient in December or January.

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