California State PTA Officers and Commissions

The ten commissions can be classified into two groups: (1) those dealing primarily with internal, organizational matters: convention, leadership services, membership, programs and member services, communications, and finance; and (2) those dealing with external issues in which PTA has a vital interest: community concerns, education, health and family engagement.

The commissions are chaired by vice presidents elected biennially by the PTA membership at the annual convention meeting in odd-numbered years. Commissioners are appointed members who serve during the administration. The treasurer serves as chairman of the finance commission.

The California State PTA constantly assesses children’s needs to determine where and how PTA action should be initiated or intensified. State convention resolutions, letters, and results of studies from unit, council, and district PTAs as well as National PTA programs and priorities provide direction to the California State PTA Board of Managers. Each commission develops its plan of action based on the goals and priorities of the association.

The work of the commissions is facilitated through special committee studies and cooperation with statewide allied groups, agencies, and coalitions whose goals are similar to PTA’s. Each commission is responsible for providing leadership and education to unit, council, and district PTAs to help implement the projects and activities that fall within its area of concern. Through PTA in California, the website (, and other avenues of communication, unit, council, and district PTAs are kept informed of current projects, the progress of studies, and the initiation of new projects.

Communications Commission

The Communications Commission is responsible for internal and external California State PTA publicity. Its work includes news releases and news conferences; radio and TV appearances by California State PTA Board of Managers members; website maintenance (; social media outreach; and development, design, and publication of print and digital communications including PTA in California, PTA Connects, and SMARTS. It is responsible for concerns related to mass media and their effects on children, youth, and families.

Community Concerns Commission

The Community Concerns Commission deals with a variety of concerns within the home, school and community that affect children and their families including but not limited to:

  • School and Community Safety
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Violence in Social Relationships
  • Environmental Issues
  • At risk youth
  • Achievement Gap
  • Truancy
  • Mental health

Because PTAs are at the center of their communities, the Community Concerns Commission encourages PTAs and PTSAs to advocate so that the mission of the PTA is moved forward.

For authority on issues see the Resolutions book and position statements available at

Convention Commission

The Convention Commission plans, implements, and evaluates the annual California State PTA Convention. It coordinates all support services with the convention center and contracted vendors, including audiovisual requirements, decorating needs, security, transportation, and setup of the convention site to established specifications.

Considering the goals and objectives of the president, the commission develops the convention program and designs publications for distribution to the delegates; evaluates the logistics of registration to facilitate the process for delegates; establishes the prospectus for exhibitors, both commercial and nonprofit; and ensures compliance with legal aspects related to vendors. The commission is responsible for coordinating, across all commissions and committees, the development and evaluation of conferences that stimulate, educate, and train delegates, and must evaluate the budget to determine applicable costs for delegates and exhibitors and provide input to the treasurer.

Education Commission

The Education Commission focuses on policies, pending legislation and education trends affecting public education. Education commissioners represent the California State PTA on numerous statewide coalitions and committees to bring the parent perspective to policymakers and the public. The commission provides tools and information to actively engage PTAs throughout California in local and statewide efforts to ensure that every child has the opportunity for an excellent education.

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission is responsible for developing, reviewing and updating California State PTA guidelines, policies, and procedures related to the financial management of PTAs. Its work includes providing information regarding compliance with the financial requirements of the PTA bylaws, and the State of California and IRS tax regulations. The commission develops materials and tools used in training financial officers to carry out their job duties more effectively and assist them in providing for the financial well-being of individual PTAs.

Health Commission

The Health Commission works to promote the development of lifelong, positive, health-related attitudes, knowledge and behaviors through science-based, preventive health education and health literacy in the areas of personal health; consumer and community health; injury prevention and safety; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; nutrition; environmental health; family living; individual growth and development; and communicable and chronic diseases. The commission promotes the use of engaging instructional strategies for all students and supports coordinated school-health collaborations among parents, schools, communities, institutions, agencies and organizations, which are essential to the health and academic success of California’s children and youth.

Leadership Services Commission

The Leadership Services Commission is responsible for strengthening and extending the work of PTA. Its activities include providing opportunities for leadership development and training to unit, council, and district PTAs; giving guidance in strengthening, organizing, reorganizing, and disbanding unit, council, and district PTAs; and generally augmenting the influence and public understanding of PTA, its purpose, and work.

Legislation Team

The Legislation Team includes the director of legislation, an advocate for federal issues, and state legislative advocates who specialize in specific issues regarding education, family engagement, community concerns, and health as these affect children, youth and families.

The team works closely with the commissions dealing with external issues. The commissions are responsible for preparing background information and authority for bills in their subject matter area and for recommending appropriate action. Once a position has been adopted, the legislation team is responsible for all further actions on related legislation. This includes relaying information on PTA positions to legislators and communicating PTA action on legislation-related matters to the constituent organizations of the California State PTA.

Membership Commission

The Membership Commission develops marketing strategies to promote the value of PTA and increase statewide membership, coordinates the membership award program and encourages best practices to assist units, councils and districts in building an informed team of individuals that works on behalf of children and youth.

The commission promotes the expansion of outreach and inclusion efforts that embrace the diversity of our communities, recognize that everyone has value, provide a welcoming environment, build trusting relationships; share information, and empower and motivate members to successfully advocate for the needs of students.

Programs and Member Services Commission

The Programs and Member Services Commission coordinates the implementation of programs offered through California State PTA and promotes their use. It also, promotes the use of programs offered through National PTA, and seeks out opportunities for new appropriate and pertinent programs from other organizations. The commission also works with the California State PTA office to review, promote, and publish the materials of the California State PTA and to coordinate service mailings containing this material to unit, council, and district PTAs. Chairman and coordinator positions include those concerned with the National PTA Reflections Program, Founders Day, historian’s work, scholarships and grants, and awards.

Family Engagement Commission

The Family Engagement Commission acknowledges parents as the first teachers of their child and realizes the integral role that parents play in the total development of the child.

The commission supports parents/guardians and family caregivers by strengthening/teaching parenting skills and encouraging involvement in schools and at home, supporting the understanding of childhood development stages, providing resource materials such as the Family Engagement Pocket Pal (in English and Spanish), and networking with agencies and groups that focus on parent involvement.

Student State Board Members

Student State Board Members serve as commissioners on the California State PTA Board of Managers. Student Commissioners are members of the Student Involvement Committee, assigned to a commission and included in the planning and presentation of student involvement workshops. Involving youth on the California State PTA Board of Managers is part of California State PTA’s commitment to training students as community leaders and advocates by giving students a voice and working with them on their concerns. For information on applying to become a student state board member, contact your district PTA president or go to the Student Involvement web page at (Involving Students).
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