Working with School Support Groups

PTAs can work with school support groups in the following ways:

  • Be the volunteer link accountable for school and community.
  • Operate independently of the school system without benefit of government funds or government controls.
  • Serve as the single advisory group.
  • Encompass all other mandated advisory groups within its organization.
  • Act as a council of advisory groups.
  • Cooperate on special projects with any agency or organization with compatible policies, but do not enter into membership with any other group.
  • Encourage public thinking and understanding in the decision-making process for establishing school policy.
  • Establish and maintain lines of communication among the PTA membership, school administration, and school board.
  • Provide the PTA membership and the general public opportunities for study and discussion of school issues and policies (school finance, negotiations, curriculum, etc.).
  • Attend school board meetings regularly and report back to the PTA membership regularly.
  • Ensure that any statement on behalf of PTA is made after study and after official authorization has been granted for its presentation.
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