Working Together & Conflict Management

Here are some tips on meeting the challenge of working effectively together as a team when there are different personalities, leadership styles, experience levels, ages and understanding the association.

  • Set goals and discuss expectations
  • Agree to ground rules
  • Agree to respect differences of opinion
  • Build relationships with your board

Recognize conflict. Assumptions and perceptions are often at the center of a conflict.

Possible causes:

  • Strong differences of opinion
  • Failure to communicate
  • Misunderstanding about goals
  • Unfamiliar with policies, procedures or bylaws
  • Disagreement as to what has taken place
  • Personality differences

Manage conflict. Do not fear. Conflict can be healthy. How you deal with it makes the difference.

Conflict resolution is a process that often results in positive change and growth for individuals and the association. The key to successful conflict resolution is keeping the focus on the process and desired outcomes, not the personalities.

To manage conflict, protect your neutrality so that you will be seen as a fair and credible facilitator for resolution.

Control conflict. Work to contain the conflict. Maintain confidentiality and don’t involve others who are not a part of the solution. Be sure to notify your PTA council or district of situations that are not resolved promptly or appear to be escalating.

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