Association Meetings

PTA members are the “association” for a unit and play an important part in conducting the business of a PTA.

By participating in association meetings, general members have the opportunity to make motions, provide input on agenda items and make collective decisions by voting on actions for a PTA.

They also vote to approve programs and activities recommended by the executive board. And, they are responsible for adopting budgets and audits as well as approving the expenditures of a PTA.

In addition, the PTA membership is the only group for a unit with authority to:

  • Elect the Nominating Committee, Officers and PTA Convention Delegates
  • Adopt Bylaws and Standing Rules
  • Approve contracts for PTA programs and events
  • Authorize an individual to represent the PTA
  • Authorize a unit’s position on an issue after a study

As outlined in Bylaws, association meetings and their agenda must be publicized at least ten (10) days in advance. Written notice of the meeting, sent to members, includes the date, time, location and proposed business of the meeting.

For proposed Bylaw amendments and the election of officers, written notice must be given at least thirty (30) days in advance.

All parents and community members are encouraged to attend association meetings. It is recommended that a program be presented as an addition to the meeting to better engage members and strengthen family-school partnerships.

Suggestions for Year-Round Schools

Maintaining community involvement and member participation in a PTA at a year-round school can be challenging. To help sustain PTA activity, consider:

  • Electing vice presidents or appointing chairpersons from each track to communicate with members
  • Scheduling association meetings so that each track can attend at least one meeting a year
  • Holding informational meetings for each track in addition to association meetings
  • Publicizing PTA events well in advance to keep everyone in the loop

With proactive planning and outreach, family engagement in school is strengthened to benefit all of the students in different attendance tracks.

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