Eight Steps to Making a Motion

Motions are made for a PTA to take action for plans, programs and activities. They are introduced, seconded, discussed and voted on by members at a meeting.

To legally participate in the process, an individual must have been a member of the unit for at least 30 days.

Making a motion involves eight, basic steps:

  1. Member – Stands or raises hand, waiting to be recognized/called on by the chairperson
  2. Chairperson – Recognizes/calls on the member
  3. Member – Presents motion, stating, “I move…”
  4. Another member – Seconds motion to show more than one person is interested in discussing the item
  5. Chairperson – Restates motion to ensure everyone understands what will be discussed
  6. Members – Discuss motion with an equal opportunity to participate
  7. Chairperson – Puts motion to a vote by saying: “All those in favor say ‘aye.’ … Those opposed say ‘no’.”
  8. Chairperson – Announces result to ensure all members know if the motion was approved or failed

Parliamentary Procedure

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